Jp stove.50 kg capacity. Suitable to cooking for 300 heads food requirements.

Product - (Portable Biomass Stoves)




Suitable to cooking for 300/350  heads food requirements.


  1. Community purpose, complete combustion type.
  2. Smoke too burn inside the chamber of the stove.
  3. Two types of burning process forming inside the chamber of this stove.
  4. Efficiency is more than 50%
  5. Fuel saving is 3 time better than other advanced biomass stoves.
  6. Very less white ash CO2 and vapour is the residues.
  7. Ash compound is less than 1% of the total amount of the used biomass.
  8. Price. INR. 65,000/-
  9. With stainless-steel outer body. INR. 80,000/-
  10. Patented.