Jp stove 25 kg capacity. Community type.

Product - (Portable Biomass Stoves)

Type. Portable

Kind;  Complete commbustion community type.

Efficiency. More than 50%

Patented .

Design advances:.       Half of particular vessel sitting inside the chamber of the stove.(chulha).

Bottom and all half side portion of the vessel will be heated and causes to get more heat to the vessel.

Fuel saving is 3 time better than other advanced biomass stoves. Fuel consumption reduces up to 1/3 portion. Stove fitted with 6″ dia * 10 feet cement pipe.

This is a perticular stove(chulha) designed for perticular vessel.

Can use varient type , kind and size vessels by using adjustable reducers.

Price. = INR. 55,000/-

With stainless-steel outer body. INR. 67,000/-