Jp stove 20 kg capacity. 1+1.

Product - (Portable Biomass Stoves)

capacity= cooking up to 20 kg rice or other eaquel items.

1+1 means we can prepare a small quantity of extra foods with the same time and same fuel on the same stove.( More energy efficient.)

Suitable to cook maximum 140 head’s food requirements.

Thermal efficiency= Around 37%(Two time better than other advanced biomass stoves.)

Smoke too burn inside the chamber of the stove

No smoke to come out.

Only white ash,CO2 and vapour as residues.(Ash compound is less than 1% of the total amount of the biomass used.

Sizes: Inner chamber dia= 22″.  Inner chamber hight= 15″.  Wood hole hight= 12″. Width= 15″. Total stove hight= 32″

L*w*h= 30″*36″*32″

Price. INR. 40,000/-

Making with stainless-steel= Rs. 55,000/-