Jp stove. 10 kg capacity. 1+1 type.

Product - (Portable Biomass Stoves)

Capacity. For cooking 10 kg rice or other eaqual items.

1+1 means, there’s another facility to cook additional small quantity of foods with the same fuel and same time. This complete combustion in kind and no smoke to come out.only very less white ash as residues ( below than 1% of the total amount of the used fuel.)


Top end dia= 12″.  Combustion chamber hight= 13″.  Wood hole hight= 9″ and wide= 10″ Airation hole hight= 5″ and width = 10″.  Total height of the stove= 19″.

L*w*h = 20″*20″*19.

Price. INR. 30,000/-

With stainless-steel outer body= Rs. 45’000/-

Price :