JP tech

  1. For the Last twenty-five years jp tech is visually present in popularizing high efficient improved biomass stoves and chulhas. Received awards from regional,state and national governments and recognised  jp stove as very efficient by international NGO”s working in the energy field.

The firm installed more than 7500 domestic biomass stoves,more than 1000 community chulhas and thousands of complete combustion community chulhas . Thus with the efforts by Installation of these chulhas jp tech helps to save 75 tonne biomass each and every day.(audited by Energy management center, under department of power, Government of Kerala.)and increasing it day by day. jp tech helps to save 70 Tonne biomass each and every day that means Thirty Lakhs and fifty thousand rupees Saving in a day, 70 numbers trees escaping from cutting ( 0.700 acres de forestation), helps to reduce the emission of 52500 Kg Green house gases,saves near 25 crore kilo calory energy and increasing this day by day.

The firm also supporting green energy options and imparting training and user education classes.

Jayaprakash jptech received Kerala State energy conservation award in the year 2009 for developing the energy efficient bio mass stove – jp stove – under the categery of research and development and National innovation award by National innovation foundation (under Department of Science and technology, Govt: of India ) from the hands of then honorable President of India, Smt. Prathibha Patil in the year 2012 for the same innovation.

Jayaprakash jptech again received Kerala State energy conservation awards in the years 2017 and 2019 alsofor energy conservation activities and new innovations.