JP Stove (Patented)

JP stove facilitate complete combustion Of biomass . A type of Two tier burning Process forming on the  time of combustion in side the chamber of the stove. The biomass burn as primary and the carbon contents in the smoke burn in the same chamber as secondary combustion. Only CO2  is come out. The Ash residue is very less.Any kind of biomass can use in this stove.

Efficiency of this portable stove is 37.67%.(Tested by The energy research institute – Delhi, Indian institute of technology Guwahati – Assam , IRTC- Palakkad, Kerala and NSS engineering college – Palakkad.)

As a result of the High efficiency of this stove, the emission of green house gases is very less, there by The stove becomes an eco friendly device. Variant types and sizes of the stoves were developed.One kg fire wood is sufficient for one hour cooking in normal range.

The efficiency of this stove is three time better than other bio mass stove. Received state and national ( presidential) awards for its smoke free and energy efficient combustion performance.

Due to complete burning of fire wood no toxic gases will spread in to the kitchen and very safe for women and children.

By reducing the consumption of fire wood this stove helps to protect the environment also.

Patent received for this stove and patent application accepted for jp tech’s complete combustion community stove by patent authorities.


Supported by :
National Innovation foundation India, ( under Department of Science and technology- Govt: Of India),
Kerala State Council for Science and technology – Govt: Of Kerala and Integrated rural technology Centre – Kerala.